Over Wrap

Over Wrap

Packaging Configuration

  • Suitable to wrap pre packed products in two to four slug pack configuration.
  • Flexible to pack plain, dry as well cream sandwich pre packed biscuits.
  • Pre packed products to be fed manually on infeed conveyor
  • Optional Extended infeed conveyor for easy manual feeding of products.
  • Optional extended outfeed conveyor for easy transfer packed products.
  • Optional Outfeed conveyor can be coupled to downstream packing systems

GA Diagram

Technical Data Sheet

Specification Unit Limiting Values
Cut off Length MM 210 to 350
Wrapper width Max MM ≤ 400
Wrapper Diameter Max MM ≤ 300
Wrapper Wt. Max KG ≤ 20
Product sizes Min. MM Length 90   Width 65   Height 45
Max MM Length 180  Width 170  Height 60
Electric Power KW 5
Mechanical Packing Speed Max PPM 50 for two rows (Depends on no. of rows)
Appx. M/c. Dimensions (w/o packing) METER Length 4   Width 1.4   Height 1.8
Appx. M/c. Wt. (w/o packing) KG 1700


  • The data given above for general guide line
  • Above parameters may vary depending on application
  • Pl contact us when product dimensions are on extreme side of given limits
  • Due to implementation of new developments, we reserve the right to change the specification without any prior notice.

Salient Features

  • All machines are user friendly
  • Reliable center and cross sealing.
  • Wrapper driven servo motor for ease in packet length changeover
  • Parts coming in contact with products are made from stainless steel or food grade plastic material
  • Temp. Control through PLC, eliminates need of separate temp. controller in panel
  • Two way Auto print mark correction through HMI
  • Machines are suitable for different tropical conditions.
  • Machines fitted with sealed lubricated bearings
  • In plant / at site training given to key personnel
  • 24 X 7 technical Support available

Standard Machine Features

  • Twin reel holder Machine reduces wrapper wastage & change over time.
  • Machine always stops in open jaw condition.
  • Packet length adjustment and print mark correction in synchronization with wrapper speed in m/c running condition.
  • Mounting brackets to adopt any type of coding device.
  • Ample inside Panel space reduces temp. Rise in panel.
  • Customer needs Feeding options available.
  • Machine is inbuilt with end gusseting system.
  • Touch screen HMI for ease in operation.
  • Zigzag knife pattern to enhance packet look.
  • Positive wrapper feed drive by Servo motor.

Optional Machine Features

  • A set of change parts to run additional new product on the same machine.
  • Extended infeed and extended outfeed
  • Annual Preventive maintenance contract.
  • Stainless Guards, covers and panel
  • Auto roller closing / opening.
  • Foot and rest pad to adjust desired Machine height with machine mobility