• Stand alone machines: Standard, Premium, High Speed etc.

  • Tailor made machines

  • Automated product feeding solutions

  • Up gradation of machines

  • Deals for supply upstream/downstream equipments

  • Reverse type machines with Box motion jaws

  • Cream sandwiching solutions

  • Integration of systems with upstream/downstream equipments

  • AMC, spares, consultancy and more

Kindly share your details requirement through our request information form for feasibility check.

MWE provide packaging solutions on any of the above criteria for Food industries, Pharmaceutical & FMCG industries such as

  • Biscuits, Crackers and Cookies

  • Noodles

  • Bakery Products

  • Chocolates, Cereal bars

  • FMCG products viz. soaps, detergent bars, cleaning pads etc

The MWE flow wrap machines facilitate following features in operating applications

  • Hygienic: Machines are designed for easy sanitation. All parts those come in contact with products are made from S. S. or Food Grade plastic materials. Fully S S made machine construction can also be supplied on special demand.
  • User Friendly: HMI unit having Touch Screen feature with PLC based functions change product setting parameters in machine running conditions. MMI saves many product setting parameters to retrieve them as and when required.
  • High Productivity: Servo driven functions enhance accuracy as well productivity.
  • Low Maintenance: Machines are designed such that very low maintenance is required which any average technical person can perform.
  • Flexible: Designed to incorporate any defined pack configurations as per market requirement.
  • RAUS: MWE machines are Reliable Accurate Ultimate Solutions
  • Economical: MWE machines are economical yet efficient
  • Easy changeover: Change over for predefined products can be easily set in minimum time
  • Customized: MWE machines are customized designed for customer’s plant layouts, feeding options
  • 24/7 service: Customer can contact any time for any service problems.
  • Training: MWE provide in plant as well at site training to customer operators